Product Description

GFX is a real-time graphics overlay system which creates, displays and controls fascinating multi-zone screens with rolls, crawls, animations, clocks, channel logos and more. It is suitable for cable TV channels, digital signage applications, info-channels of hotels and shopping malls etc.

The user-friendly GUI of GFX allows you to add, edit and preview graphics insertions on the fly. Graphics can be placed any-where on the video with various tweaks like transparency, scaling, docking, keying etc. Text graphics include simple typed text, text file and RSS feeds from web which can be edited during play out. You can also set the speed, direction, background trans-parency, font type of tickers. GFX also supports overlay of flash animation (swf) files and TGA sequences.
The best part is you can play around with the graphics overlay properties till you get your desired layout, save the overlay list and simply update the LIVE playout with that list.


Key Features

• Real-time Graphics Overlay System
•  Full Unicode language support,
•  Support Latin, Cyrillic and Left to Right script
•  Create Semi Transparent elements and texts and lay-er them over other graphics
•  Dynamic channel branding, including logos, tickers, scrolls and flash animation
•  real time RSS and XML data feeds from news agen-cies or other sources.
•  transparency, scaling, docking, keying Properties for each graphics object
•  Multiple scrolling tickers
•  Schedule for graphics elements
•  Save / Use and Recall Project File

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