Product Description

XStream is all-in-one playout solution with a built-in automation, video server and channel graphics. It gives the power to manage every transmission function in your channel, from ingest to playout of content, channel branding and redundancy management all from one single 3RU box.

The Solution consists of a Play list Manager (Skedula), Ingest Manager and Play out System( XStream Play). It is an advanced disk based system for on air playback of both short-form content (commercials, promos, etc) and long-form content (programs, films, etc). It supports all industry compression and file formats. Also a unique system architecture means ingest and playout can be direct from a central NAS storage over LAN and controlled by dedicated client PC’s on the same network. Built for 24x365 applications, it is a compact, expandable, compatible, and flexible solution with outstanding performance and functionality.


Key Features

•  Support for both standard and high definition pre-compressed content, with multiple video formats
•  Multi Compression format support
•  Automated playout and ingest of content from the server, Live and satellite feeds.
•  Facility to Browse clips while editing the play list so the operator can see the clips before he adds it to the schedule.
•  Dynamic channel branding, including logos,tickers, scrolls and flash animation with real time RSS and XML data feeds from news agencies or other sources.
•  Special graphics elements to show “Coming up next” and “Showing Now”
•  RAID keeps you on air even if one of Hard disk fails at the time of on-air.
•  Internal storage of 4TB that can be expanded by using external storage box to meet growing requirements

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