Product Description

The Clientel - Subscriber Management System is an integrated and powerful system to manage subscribers and products and access rights, dealers and material management, contract management and billing. Built on a modern platform, its modular conception allows for easy and rapid implementation as well as efficient provisioning.

The solution builds on a central database where all information regarding product purchases, product tiers and subscriber is stored. The database is driven by two separate web interfaces, one for use by the operator and one for use by the customer.

The operator interface is used to define products and products groups, to define pricing and campaigns and to register new subscriber and new products. The customer interface is used by the end customer to purchase your products and subscriber to your services. Changes are reflected at users devices in near real time. The system supports a variety of business models such as packet subscription, a la carte subscription and pay per view.


Key Features

• An intuitive web interface compatible with multiple browsers

• User Interface can be 100% branded to the operator

• Simple subscriber registration process

• Comprehensive and easy access to all subscriber information

• Flexible and seamless provisioning by processing service usage data through an extensible, adapter-driven framework.

• Batch processing

• Customer care management and statistics

• Products and services bundling with appropriate pric-

• Automatic periodic billing as per the billing parameters

• Provides streamlined, easy access to MIS reports for operator as well as the broadcaster

• Integrated with several CA Systems.

• Android Application for LCO

• Web application accessible on PC / Laptop and Tablet

• Email and SMS gateway for integrating Email and SMS service.

• Different access level base upon Role and Rights management

• OTP password integration for secure login

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