Product Description

Delivering video in multiple formats and standards to optimize operational cost is a challenge for broadcasters, NEWS agencies and video professionals. As television industry is upgrading to MPEG-4 AVC HD from MPEG2 SD, Envision 1515 Professional Integrated Receiver Decoder ensures a smooth, cost-effective transition to address these multi-format, multi-standard needs by bringing together MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, SD and HD. The IRD supports ASI input and provide analog based band (Audio and Video), Digital (HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI Embedded, SD-SDI Embedded, AES/EBU), ASI Outputs and MPEG-2 TS over IP output with service filtering facility.

Envision 1515 IRD decodes all video formats, provides a wide choice of input options for all transmission mediums, making it a smart choice for professionals seeking a future-proof solution. The multi-format capability of the Envision 1515 allows a significant cost reduction to the traditional migration path of operating separate devices for SD and HD.


Key Features

• DVB-TS over ASI and IP Input

• Decoding: MPEG-2 4:2:0 SD/HD, H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10) main and high profile level 4.1

• DVB-ASI Output

• DVB-TS over IP output: unicast or multicast selectable

• Video output: CVBS, HD-SDI and SD-SDI

• Audio output: SDI embedded Balanced stereo

• Supports descrambling BISS mode-1 and BISS-E signals. Provision for multi-service decryption is provided

• Options to store preset configurations

• Auto-alarm for error conditions

• Analog Monitoring Output

• Support direct IP multicasting/unicasting of the Transport Streams

• Support multiple service filtering on IP Output

• One SD-SDI down converted output of HD-SDI present

• Front Panel LCD Display and Keypad for configuration

• The system supports Closed Captioning, DVB-Teletext and DVB-Subtitle

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