Product Description

Transport Stream Delay Server enables the time-shifting of multiple MPEG-2 TS feeds from seconds to days for a single or multiple streams at once. With the delay server, input and output streams are decoupled; one input stream can support several output streams, each with different delays. For example, if you want to delay one stream to three different time zones (e.g., one with one-hour delay, one with two-hour delay and one with three-hour delay), you only need to record the one stream, and cre-ate three delayed output streams.


Key Features

• SPTS or MPTS, either ATSC or DVB

• Supports Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

• Supports multiply delays

• Enables user-configurable delay times from user friendly GUI

• Capable of 16 SD or 8 HD Services delays per server

• Internal local Storage or network attached storage

• Windows application for setup and configuration

• Redundant hot-swappable power supplies

• so power supply failure does not effect the performance

• Storage can be expanded and configured using external storage systems to meet growing requirements

• An intuitive UI enables easy delay configuration

• Broadcast quality for uninterrupted 24x7 operation

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