Product Description

Program Specific Information/System Information (PSI/SI) is essential part of DVB signal transmission to enable Set Top Boxes (STBs) at subscribers' homes to tune to different channels, obtain EPG information such as present and next events, view channel bouquets and run games/applications. PSIGen generates these information's in conformation with MPEG and DVB standards. PSIGen fine tunes this information for every operator to support even the simplest multiplexing system. PSIGen generates all the required tables, namely PAT,CAT, BAT, PMT, NIT, SDT EIT actual/other.


PSIGen can import EPG data from different file formats (SDF, XML, Excel etc). Local or customized data can be entered into the system as well. It sends the SI/PSI data to the multiplexer, creating a DVB-compliant digital television transport stream compliant with DVB digital television standards and audio compression standards. Thus, PSIGen can be used in almost any application where video and audio are being transported over ASI/IP.



Key Features

• Multiple Transport stream table generation over ASI and IP interface

• Supports management of logical channel numbers

• Content Descriptor Support to define the type of content (comedy, talk show etc.)

• Parental Ratings for events

• Flexibility to add customized and private descriptors

• Generates all DVB-SI/PSI tables, EIT, EIT P/F, EIT Schedule for several days/weeks

• Provision to insert Electronic Program Guide for local channels

• PID Filtering module to pass the PID from an incoming Input to the output.

• Supports Middleware

• Input and EPG extraction module to extract

• Input tables & EPG information from incoming ASI / IP feed and edit them as required.

• Independent of delivery network (cable, terrestrial, satellite, IP)

• Mirrored ASI Output or IP Interface

• Easy-to-use graphical user interface

• Integrated with leading multiplexer

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